Sidekicks Weekly Practice

Dress code

Monday - Free Dress

Tuesday - Black NHS Shirt & Black Leggings

Wednesday - PINK OUT T-Shirt, Black Wind shorts

Thursday - Gray Roster Shirt & Black Leggings

Friday - FNL Shirt & Black Wind Shorts

Field Uniforms Maintenance


Each week all Sidekicks are responsible for taking their field uniform shell, scarf & bloomers home to be washed. All items are due on Monday’s!

When assigned all Sidekicks are responsible for taking their field skirt, vest & bloomers home to be washed and those should be turned in on Monday’s as well.

  • All costumes, field uniforms, and petticoats must be washed by hand with gentle detergent and hung up to air dry. DO NOT dry clean them or put them in the washer at all or it will ruin them. 

  • Stains from the bleachers, turf, etc. on the petticoat can be hard to get out. Here are some things that have seemed to work the best for some girls. Straight hydrogen peroxide, Fels-Naptha, Stain Stick (let sit) and also apply Oxi-Clean. 

Demerits will be given if each item is not turned in on time!

Squad Weekly Poster


Each squad has been given a list of posters that are required to be made by each Sidekicks on a weekly basis. Posters are due on either Thursday or Friday of each week.

Please see your squad leader or refer to the Rookie Handbook for a list of posters and dates.